Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wilmurt Motel & Restaurant - McKenney, Virginia

Wilmurt Motel & Restaurant - McKenney, Virginia

54 DeLuxe Air Conditioned Hotel Rooms
Private Tile baths. Steam heat. TV in rooms. Excellent Air Conditioned Restaurant. Telephone GReenfield 8-7891
Mrs. W.H. Patterson, Owner, Operator
On U.S. No 1. 25 mi. so. of Petersburg and 30 mi. north of South Hill at McKenney, Virginia

Mailed from Pitkin, Louisiana of Arthur Kelly of Auburndale, Massachusetts on February 28, 1968:

Arrived here Sun. at 5 P.M. Beautiful trip. It was only 1801 miles. Made it to Chapel Hills, N. Carolina 722 miles on Friday. Today we are having a sun bath on Rita's front porch. Children were all excited when we arrived. Hop to have a day in New Orleans & then to Florida.
Love Belly, Bill

Mayer Post Card Co. Roanoke, Va.

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