Friday, April 28, 2017

Norland Motel - Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Norland Motel - Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

1 Mile North on U.S. No. 11
Chambersburg, Penna.
All rooms have Free TV - Air Conditioned - Guest Controlled Hot Water Heat - Tiled Bath with Tubs and Showers - Conveniently located for guests going to Wilson and Penn Hall Colleges or Letterkey Ordnance Depot. AAA Approved. Phone COlony 4-9887
Mr. & Mrs. J. Kermit Meals, Owners-Operators

Mailed from Windber, Pennsylvania to Miss Marjorie London of Pittsburgh 5, Pennsylvania on July 14, 1960:

Hello Sweetheart!
Here is where I am tonite - 90 degrees. Hot. 92% humidity but I'm in an Air Condition Room watch the Dem Convention. Love Grand Dad L.

H.E. Massie

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