Friday, April 28, 2017

Island Park - Duncannon, Pennsylvania

Island Park - Duncannon, Pennsylvania

Particular People Pock Island Park Motel Inc.
R.D. 2, Duncannon, PA Phone 124
Routes 11, 15. 22 and 322
15 Mi. No of Harrisburg near Clarks Ferry Bridge
Tile Baths - Family Units - TV - Air Conditioning - Beautiful Park Bordered by Picturesque Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers. 24 Units - Managed by Paul & Mary Purdy. AAA Approved.

Mailed from Williamsport, Pennsylvania to Mrs. Edith Ormason of Lacona, New York on January 5, 1961:

Dear Mrs. Ormason
A few days ago I was swimming in the ocean. Now I'm sitting in the snow bank. Jimmy Barbur.

Heintzelmann Sales

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