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William Sloane House YMCA - New York, New York

William Sloane House YMCA - New York, New York

West 34th Street and Ninth Avenue
New York City's YMCA for transient young men and enlisted personnel of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. In addition to 1492 sleeping rooms there are available to resident members, personal counseling, employment service, recreation information, gymnasium, sightseeing trips, writing room, house physician, barber shop, baths, bootblack, tailor shop, cafeteria, coffee shop, news stand, telephones, check room, laundry, Bible breakfasts, musicales, inspirational lectures, billiard and social rooms

Mailed from New York, New York to Hilda Mae Bawsher of Columbus, Ohio on May 13, 1952:

Hi Honey I am in this Y. Just arrived in NY to bring my car to POE. Going back tomorrow about noon. Will wright later. Hi Butch  Daddy's little man

A C.T. Art-Colortone Card by Curt Teich
Number: 1B-H2229

William Sloane House YMCA - New York, New York

Comfortable - Attractive - Inexpensive Rooms
WILLIAM SLOANE HOUSE YMCA, on 356 W. 34th Street, is but a few a minutes away from the heart of New York City and is easily accessible from railroad stations, airline and bus terminals, steamship piers and main motor arteries. Shown on the opposite side is one of the 1492 rooms, singles and doubles, which serve young men, groups, and armed forces personnel from all over the world/ Sloane House is world famous for its program and facilities and is "The place to stay when in New York City." Phone: OXford 5-5133.

A Shorecolor Co. Card
No number

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