Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wanakah Motor Court - Tampa, Florida

Wanakah Motor Court - Tampa, Florida

"Finest in the South"
14001 Nebraska Avenue
On U.S. Hwy. 41, Four Miles North of Tampa

Sulphur Springs Press
Rt. 1, Box 174-B Tampa, Florida

Wanakah Motor Court - Tampa, Florida

22 modern cottages, electrically heated, hot and cold water, private garages. All electric kitchenettes available. Double or twin beds, inner spring mattresses, private baths, radios and shuffle board courts.
4 miles north of Tampa, Florida
Route No. 1 Box 174 B Phone 32-3398

Mailed from Tampa, Florida to
Draegers of St. Paul 3, Minnesota on October 20, 1952:

We stopped at this place last nite. Just poured here. Staid in rained all day, we drove in rain steady from Cross City down. Shower b4 that. Going for breakfast and then say hello to Elvira and on to Sarasota came down thru Tallahassee. Fine road hardly any traffic. Lots after we struck 41. Love.
Dad, Mom

MWM Color-Litho Bursheen Finished

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