Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Holiday Inn Hotel Courts/Holiday Inn East - Memphis, Tennessee

Holiday Inn Hotel Courts - Memphis, Tennessee

On U.S. 70-79-64
At Memphis, Tenn. City Limits East
120 Rooms & Baths - 100 % Air-Conditioned
Restaurant in Connection

Mailed from Memphis, Tennessee to Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Szukala of Alden, New York on December 6, 1952:

Dear Children,
Well I expect you are at the Doctors now, as it is Friday eve. This place is the nicest we have had, all new. I wish you could see it.

Holiday Inn Hotel Courts - Memphis, Tennessee

4941 Summer Ave. - U.S. 70, 79 and 64 East
Memphis, Tennessee
Phone: 34-6687
3 Other Locations in Memphis:
U.S. 61 South - U.S. 51 North - U.S. 51 South
450 Rooms - 450 Baths - 100% Air-Conditioned - Steam Heat - Pleasure Eating - Bridal Suite - Free Swimming Pool for Guests Only

Mailed from Memphis, Tennessee to Mrs. A.E. Vest of Sherman, Texas on November 1, 1955:

We got here about 7 o'clock, have had supper and are ready to "window shop" a bit before going to bed. We left Clarksville about 10:30 this morning. Got on wrong road out of Little Rock!! Enjoyed talking with you last night. Will write you along way. Love, Margaret.

Curteichcolor Card

Holiday Inn East - Memphis, Tennessee

U.S. Highways 64, 70, 79
4941 Summer Avenue
Savor southern food and hospitality at its finest at the Golden Gate Restaurant of Holiday Inn-East.

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