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Hotel Manhattan - New York, New York

Hotel Manhattan - New York, New York

Madison Avenue 42nd & 43rd Street
New York

Publisher Unknown
No number

Hotel Manhattan - New York, New York

Grand Staircase Leading from the Rotunda to the Foyer or Main Parlor
Madison Avenue, Forty-Second and Forty-Third Streets, New York City

Mailed from Grand Central Station, New York, New York to Edward S. Reid, Jr. of Detroit, Michigan on April 2, 1918:

Arrived this A.M. and are at the Manhattan. The weather is fine here. Expect to be here until Thurs. A.M. & then go to Foxboro. I wish you would look the newspapers over carefully Thurs. night to see the winner of the 20th Century Club election * send the clipping to me at Foxboro. Don't forget the King's Box either. Hope everything is all right. Write to me when you get this. Mother.

Redfield-Kendrick-Odell Co., N.Y.

Hotel Manhattan - New York, New York

44th to 45th Streets at 8th Avenue
New York's newest and completely air-conditioned hotel. 1400 rooms...each with private bath, television and radio. Located in the heart of Times Square and the fabulous theatre district.
Telephone: JUdson 2-0300 - Teletype: N.Y. 1-4377
FRANK W. KRIDEL - Exec. Vice President & General Manager.

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