Tuesday, March 28, 2017

St. George Hotel - New York, New York

St. George Hotel Grand Colorama Ballroom - New York, New York

Grand Ballroom, Hotel St. George, Brooklyn, N.Y., is the "room of a million moods" - the most beautiful ballroom in the world. 3,000 people can dance on its smooth floor' 2,000 dine without crowding. Clark St. station of 7th Ave. I.R.T. subway is in the hotel; 2 minutes from Boro Hall, 4 minutes from Wall St., 15 from Times Square.

Mailed from Baltimore, Maryland to Miss Lillian Kamarins of Calumet, Michigan on January 18, 1943:

Hi Lil
I sure am having one swell time. I wish you were here with me. Some day you may yeah, this is where I cance last night and its my new home also. - George E. Petry - U.S.C.G.

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St. George Hotel - New York, New York

THE ST. GEORGE SWIMMING POOL, located in the Hotel St. George, Clark St., Brooklyn, the largest in New York (120' x 40') was constructed at a cost of $1,263,000. Crystal clear pure natural artesian salt water is used. Swim and gym suits, showers, steam rooms, battery of sun lamps and air-conditioned gymnasium are included in the admission charge! 4 minutes from Wall St., 15 from Times Sq. Clark St. Station of 7th Ave., I.R.T. Subway in hotel.

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