Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Heathman Hotel - Portland, Oregon

Heathman Hotel - Portland, Oregon

One of Portland's newest hostelries, located on Broadway in the heart of the theatre district.

Rose City News Co.
Portland, Oregon
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Heathman Hotels - Portland, Oregon

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 The Heathman Hotel - Portland, Oregon

The Aloha Room
Aloha is the perfect symbol of the Hawaiian Islands, for its many meanings encompass almost every emotion the visitor might fell. Friendship, affection, love, welcome and farewell with the promise of an early return comprise the meaning of Aloha. Such is the feeling the Aloha Room in the Heathman Hotel at Portland, Oregon wishes to convey to its own guests.

Aloha Room at the Heathman Hotel - Portland, Oregon

The Aloha Room
Hawaiian Food Served in Authentic Atmosphere
Lanai Room
Featuring Hawaiian Gifts
Your Host Harry E. Heathman

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