Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Monterey Motel - Redding, California

Monterey Motel - Redding, California

U.S. Hwy 99 No. - 525 Market St.
Redding, California
28 fully modern and new units. Air-conditioned, electric heat, tile showers and wall-to-wall carpets. Beauty-rest mattresses, baby cribs, swimming pool. Free radio, TV and coffee. AAA Approved. S&H Green Stamps
"A Home Away From Home"

Mailed from Redding California to Mr. & Mrs. R. Cannon of Beaverton, Oregon on September 24, 1963:

Dear Folks
Made pretty good time altho we got a rather late start. Still a long way from home. I'll be happy when this trip is over. Will write after we're settled. Until then our love. Anne 7 Wayne

Specialty House
Dexter Press

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