Saturday, February 4, 2017

Stove Pipe Wells Hotel and Village - Death Valley, California

Stove Pipe Wells Hotel - Death Valley, California

Located among historic landmarks of the Death Valley 49ers, STOVE PIPE WELLS HOTEL provides Death Valley visitors with modern comfort. Scenic attractions nearby include Mosaic Canyon, Devil's Golf Course, and the Sand Dunes; all of the main areas of the National Monument are easily reached from here. Guests enjoy comfortable hotel rooms and cottages, dining rooms, bar, swimming pool, and special entertainment programs of western music and lectures on Death Valley.

Stove Pipe Wells Village - Death Valley, California 

Truly an oasis in the desert and centrally located to make it an ideal sightseeing base for all of Death Valley. This friendly resort provides warm and comfortable hospitality with its complete facilities.

Mirro-Krome by H.S. Crocker

Stove Pipe Wells Hotel - Death Valley, California

Popular old western tunes pierce the desert air when the "Death Valley 49ers" of STOVE PIPE WELLS HOTEL play such strange instruments as an old scrub board and a washtub. Led by Death Valley Smiley, this trio adds its music to the Hotel's many attractions, including comfortable cottages and hotel rooms,  dining room and bar, swimming pool, and lectures on Death Valley.

Chris Cards, China Lake, CA
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