Monday, February 6, 2017

Blue Top Tourist Court - Savannah, Georgia

Blue Top Tourist Court - Savannah, Georgia

Fifty luxuriously furnished cottages...tiled baths..steam heat...single rooms...double hour service...Reserved for tourists only. Beauty Rest Mattresses. Hollywood Beds. Owned and Operated by Dodson Bros.

Mailed from Savannah, Georgia to Mr. & Mrs. B.J. Cardey of Warsaw City, Iowa on June 30, 1950:

Dear Loved Ones:
Just a card I had in the desk to let you know we are O.K. Enjoyed your letters. Glad Uncle Elmer could stop to see you. Has been hot here. Had a good rain this afternoon. Will write a letter next week.
Love, Edna.

Natural Color Card by E.C. Kropp

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