Thursday, February 2, 2017

Beauty Crest Motel - Carlsbad, New Mexico

Beauty Crest Motel - Carlsbad, New Mexico

Air Conditioned
Modern, Tiled Baths, Beautyrest Mattresses, Steam Heat
The Last Word in Travelers' Comfort
On Cavern Route - South on U.S. Hiways 180-285 & 62
Carlsbad, New Mexico
Phone 5-5141 Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Maples
Beauty Crest Drive-In Cafe
Complete Dining Service - Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinners
Always Plenty of Parking Space.

Mailed from Santa Few, New Mexico to Mr. V.H. Bright of Abilene, Texas on August 11, 1954:

Hello Vic,
Guess what? We saw a rare sight today - a gushing rain. It is so cold out here and no coat. I'm use to hot weather. We are having fun - Lil, the dog & I. Where have you been? N -

Tex Helm
Alfred McGarr Adv.

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