Sunday, August 18, 2013

Motel San-Su and Restaurant Too - Glennville, Georgia

Motel San-Su and Restaurant Too - Glenville, Georgia

Motel San-Su and Restaurant Too
Welcomes You
Just south of Glennville, Ga., one day's drive to Miami - on U.S. 301 and 25 - Preferred routes to Florida. Enjoy safe, serene sleep in the beautiful, spacious accommodations of this fireproof motel with all oak furniture, foam rubber mattresses, wall-to-wall carpeting. Electromode heat and complete air-conditioning. Enjoy our swimming pool, playground free TV and excellent drinking water. Let Norman and Ethel Metzinger, owners and operators, provide complete comfort. AAA Approved. American Express accepted.

Mailed from Glennville, Georgia to Mrs. H.J. Whitehead of Comer, Georgia on September 13, 1963:

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the grocery store - and here I am -
Love E & B

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