Thursday, May 16, 2013

Andrew Jackson Hotel/Dinkler-Andrew Jackson - Nashville, Tennessee

Andrew Jackson Hotel - Nashville, Tennessee

400 Rooms - 400 Baths
Direction of Dinkler Hotels Co., Inc.
Dispensers of Southern Hospitality.

Mailed from Nashville, Tennessee to Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Wiley of Champaign, Illinois on April 4, 1931:

Hello Falk: Tike insists that I write you while he is dresses. He's starting in by making me get up first. Perhaps,you;ll be surprised to see we're this far. Didn't go the way we had planned, as there were storm clouds all around us. We have only had sprinkles here and there and no rain as yet. Weather is marvelous here and the trees and shrubs are leafing and blossoming. Having a fine trip.

E.C. Kropp Co.

Dinkler-Andrew Jackson - Nashville, Tennessee

Across the square from the State Capitol, two blocks from the heart of the city, Modern, air conditioned guest rooms. Two fine restaurants. The Surf Rider and The Golden Horn.
A wholly owned subsidary of Transcontinental Investing Corporation.

Mailed from Nashville, Tennesse to Mrs. Cora Riehle & Mel. of La Crosse, Indiana on April 12, 1966:

Dear Mom & Mel:
Arrived here in fine shape, except for Freds leg. It still hurts him to walk.
This is a picture of our Hotel. How do you like it?
Take care of yourselves. We will see you Sun.
Love ya, Fred & Glad
We are on the 5th floor

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