Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ashley Oaks Motel & Restaurant - Valdosta, Georgia

Ashley Oaks Motel - Valdosta, Georgia

U.S 41 North Side
Valdosta, Ga.
Tele. CH 2-6340

101 New, Completely Modern Units on both sides of the Highway. Central Heating - 100% Air-Conditioned - Room Telephones - 24 Hr. Service - Television - Restaurant on Premises. Crystal clear swimming pool with fresh filtered water. AAA Approved. A Superior Motel.

The writing on the back says:

3-1-69 North Bound
Real nice $9.00
Drove from Ochechobee

3-2-69 North Bound
Monteagle on R. 41 in Mountains. $8.00
Drove from Valdosta

Ashley Oaks Restaurant - Valdosta, Georgia

Located in center of Ashley oaks Motel in Valdosta, Ga. Serving a variety of delightful and tasty food. Specializing in Steaks, Seafood, Southern Fried Chicken and Homemade Pastries.

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