Friday, February 1, 2013

Hotel Annapolis/Manger Annapolis Hotel - Washington, D.C.

Hotel Annapolis - Washington, D.C.

11th-12th Sts. at H.
All Outside Rooms with Bath and Ice Water
Public Spaces and Bedrooms Air Conditioned
Rates from $2.00 Daily
Parking Without Extra Charge

There's a time stamp on the back with May 19, 1940 at 9:22 AM and a note addresses to Mrs. J.M. Peacock:

I life card here at Hotel Annapolis yesterday - no word. We are going out to Capitol at 9 this AM back at 4:30. If you don't find this, wait for us.

Hotel Annapolis - Washington, D.C.

One of Washington's most unique cocktail lounges. A veritable pleasure ship, featuring superb entertainment and beverages, in a realistic atmosphere of the sea.

Mailed from Washington, D.C. to Mrs. Milton Angel of Memphis, Tennessee on June 10, 1945:

June 10-45
Dear Dolly - Can you believe that I've been away from Nancy since May 24. Gerald & I are spending the weekend in Washington. We've really had a swell trip so far. Gerald gets a furlough when Herman comes home, this month we hope. Hope you & the family are okay.
Love - Liz.

E.C. Kropp

Manger Annapolis Hotel - Washington, D.C.

11th to 12th and H Streets, N.W.
Washington, S.C.
Located in the heart of downtown Washington. 400 rooms, with private bath, radio, circulating ice water and TV. 100% air-conditioned. Home of the popular SURF ROOM LOUNGE.

Printed on the back, but not mailed:
VAN ZILE TOUR GROUPS stay at the best hotels entertaining students.
Write us for descriptive folders and advise us of your preference at an early date to secure reservations at the hotel of your choice.
1721 Avenue
Rochester, NY. 14618

Manger Annapolis Hotel - Washington, D.C.
11th to 12th on H Streets, NW
Washington, D.C.
Surf Room Lounge
Designed with a novel nautical theme, the Surf Room resembles the lounge of a modern Luxury liner. Entertainment by a leading pianist.

Mailed from Washington, D.C. to Thelma Cross of Covington, Ohio on September 27, 1960:

I have stayed two nights here. Visited a lot of places of interest today. My feet are tired. Tonite we leave here for New York tomorrow afternoon some time. Hope all stay well at home. - Icy.

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