Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Y-Dell Motel - Burley, Idaho

Y-Dell Motel - Burley, Idaho

De Luxe
Hiway 30
Burley, Idaho
Colored Phones - Free TV - Electric Heat - Air Conditioning - Ceramic Tile Tubs and Showers - Free Ice. Bowling and Cafe next door.
Phone OR 8-5542
J.M. Holland - Owner
AAA Approved. Member of the Congress of Motor Hotels.

Mailed from Brigham City, Utah to Miss Bonnie Briggs of North Bend, Oregon on April 15, 1963:

Hi Honey - Sure glad you're not with us. There's a big wind storm coming up. Had a food trip so far & saw lots of pheasants. Sure am tired. Saw lots of snow by Sisters. Dry in Bend - Love, Mama & Daddy.

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