Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Hotel Potter - Santa Barbara, California

The Hotel Potter - Santa Barbara, California

The Hotel Potter, Santa Barbara, California besides its own beautiful Ranches for supplying all suckling pigs, chickens, eggs, broilers and fryers dairy farm for all milk, crean (sic), butter, cheese. A great Pigeon Ranch with 60,000 pigeons for a larger supply of the choice squabs, has its own Gardens right near the Hotel where grows all the year round fresh vegetables such as pie plant, asparagus and like this splendid Artichoke Garden.

Mailed from Kansas City, Missouri to Master Lawrence Turner of Moline, Kansas on September 8, 1913:

Tell your mother I wondered why I had not heard from her. I wrote soon after we got home. Wm. and I just returned from Forest Lake and received your postal. Will write in a day or so. Wm. talks of you all the time. With lots of love to all. - Hazel & Wm.

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