Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hotel Yellowstone - Pocatello, Idaho

Hotel Yellowstone - Pocatello, Idaho

Main and Bonneville, Pocatello, Idaho
CEdar 3-4811
City Center - One block from bus station. Airport limousine service. Free parking, children free, commercial men welcome. Coffee Shop, Day & Night Drug Store, Cocktail Lounge, Free Television Theatre.

Mailed from Pocatello, Idaho to Mrs. John Lott of Valley City, North Dakota on August 27, 1962:

Hi - Mother,
Came to Pocatello, about 9:10 P. Sunday eve., had a rest, so I feel good this morning, will leave for Twin Falls, about 2:30A. Has been nice weather and nice trip so far. also seen Hackmans at Butter, this was fun. So much for know. - Wallace

Color by Eric J., Seaich, Salt Lake City, Utah
Made by Dexter

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