Thursday, February 9, 2017

City Center Motor Hotel - Portland, Oregon

City Center Motor Hotel - Portland, Oregon

"In the Heart of the City of Roses"
3800 N.E. Sandy Boulevard - Highway #39
Portland 13, Oregon
One of America's Fine Motor Hotels
The theme of this Rose Festival float centers around the new Heraldic Emblem of the Motor Hotel industry. Upon the background of the shield is a golden sunburst indicating daylight traveling, with two stars against the blue sky depicting travel by night. Upon a white background indicating the highway are the four wheels of the automobile. At the bottom of the shield is a bunch of grapes indicating food, with six ermine clusters representing purity, fairness, and luxury.
Come to the Rose Festival next year and thrill to its beauty.
Morning Coffee - Courtesy of the House. AAA Approved. Recommended by Duncan Hines.
Phone: AT 7-1107
John D. Goss - Owner and Manager

Henry H. Sheldon, 6634 E. Burnside St. Portland 15, Oregon
Dexter Press, Inc.

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